A few minutes ago I made an advertisement to all our subscribers about the current stock of our EU warehouse.
The pearl of it, of course, is Noritsu QSS3701HD F.
The lab is in so perfect condition and has a very low counter – approx.600 000 prints only so it does not require any refurbishment (but we will clean it anyway).

It has a very interesting specification – “F” and uses Fujifilm CP-49 chemicals (in cartridges).
Some people do not like cartridges but I consider them as the best choice for the modern lab where women often work as operators.
Very often they complain about the difficulties with the preparation of replenishment so CP-49 cartridges are the perfect choice for the women-operators.
The replacement of the cartridges takes a few minutes only and exclude the mistakes during the replacement and money loses.

Also, the transportation of cartridges is more profitable because they take less volume.

Of course, there is no need to use only Fujifilm chemistry.
You can use any other cartridge manufacturers, for example, Tetenal or any other brand.

The price for the HD lab is very low – only 19 500 EURO.
We give 3 months guarantee for the electronics and 1 year for a green laser module.
Location of the unit: Germany.
It can be shipped to any country by sea or air cargo service.
Package in a wooden box (crate) is also available at no cost.

QSS3701HD F minilablaser for saleQSS3701HD F minilablaser for saleQSS3701HD F minilablaser for sale